Image of the Creator

what the Creator is like in your opinion? …in everyday life you can easily observe that people have a very distorted image of the Creator Himself, whom is indeed very difficult to describe in just few words, because of the fact that words hardly describe the spiritual reality… but if I had to describe the Creator with just few words, […]

Positive Heart Provocateur

When I say to others to work on their own hearts, many people ask me in return: how should I do it so I could experience actual positive effects? First and foremost. Think about what provokes your heart to open up and feel positively touched and maybe even shedding a tear once in a while … Once you’ve figured it […]

Do you have to get sick? Stress influence on the immune system. part 02. What stress is about and how does it work.

It is already known that the intestines, which were very much neglected until not so long time ago, have a huge role in building and maintaining good immunity, though for many years the idea of the intestines as an important element in building immunity was loudly mocked and ridiculed. It turns out that it is our intestinal flora that largely […]

Do you have to get ill? Stress influence on the immune system. part 01. What the immune system is and how does it work.

Remember that whatever I am writing here is only a generalization, just because I am not discussing any specific case here, but merely referring to the totality of human behavior observed. 1) Perhaps, you are different and may experience the moments of pandemic horror somehow differently, but a lot of people around you, friends, relatives, and immediate family may react […]