Little prayer for overwhelming times.

Sometimes life becomes overly interesting, just like in a Chinese curse. In such moments, when I feel burdened by these events, I stand before God, open my heart and ask Him to heal all wounds that have arisen over … several days, years or lives. I turn all my attention and my whole heart to Him and ask: God, Creator […]

Surrender to your Divine Essence

My way is what it is,I do not always have to understand all my previous & future choicesbut I do accept now all my previous & future choicesI do surrender to my previous & future choicesbeing aware I always do my bestat the given level of my consciousness I am who I am,I do not always have to understand who […]

Apology for doubting…

I apologize to myself for doubting in me, I apologize to myself for doubting in my own abilities and strength,  abilities and strength of my own divine spirit and divine heart of mine. I apologize for this little moment of doubts in all humanity as I have doubted in myself. Now I forgive myself for this little misunderstanding and open myself […]


Thank you dear Universe for all  opportunities  given to me, to grow & expand my self – love and self – respect. I do humbly bow to every soul which appeared in my life, on my life path, to help me to get closer to my self – realization. May God’s Love always guide us all, look after all of us and […]

Material and Financial Abundance

I … (name) … do deserve a life of material and financial wealth, regardless of who I am, what I am like, how I live and what I do. I … (name) … do like to live constantly experiencing material and financial abundance, no matter what I think, what I feel at the moment and what I do. I … […]

Simplest prayer ever

I’m so sorry Please forgive me as I forgive you I love you I bless you Thank you   The more honest and opened we are while praying, the better and faster results may be perceived. If you want to heal the relation with someone though you don’t feel any forgiveness in your heart, don’t give up just yet. The true openness and […]

Confession Of Your God’s Capabilities

Here and now I do completely open up to all of mine inner powers and abilities. I allow myself for the full manifestation of all of my talents and powers. I allow myself to take full advantage of my talents and my powers in order to gain the full self-knowledge, self-realization, and self-love. Here and now I do allow myself […]