The true liberation

The true liberation

You know, at the very first time when you start seeing and feeling yourself, through the eyes of your soul, you feel and perceive fully, …perhaps for the first time in your life, you see the true divine human being you are.

It is like finally taking off the broken glasses and eventually seeing all what you were looking for, what you were chasing for and you were missing for all your life… and then you see all of it resides just in you!

And suddenly you feel, and you know that you do not have to chase and look for anything anymore, because everything is already here, just right within you, shines with its beauty, richness, splendour; the all mine of diamonds, rubies and other wonders; all the talents, abilities, everything just right within you, always and forever, closer than close at hand.

Suddenly, you realize, it is enough just to be you, true yourself, from the heart; that nothing more left to be done, and nothing more is really needed to be done for experiencing happiness and fulfilment.

And this is it.

The true liberation.