Do I have to get sick? Stress influence on the immune system. part 03. How to take care of yourself to enjoy better health.

Do I have to get sick? Stress influence on the immune system. part 03. How to take care of yourself to enjoy better health.

Let’s answer the basic question: Do I have to get sick? No you do not have to.

Do you have any influence on the course / development of the disease? Yes, you have!

Do you have an influence on the recovery process? Yes, you have!

So why do you get sick?

The state of your immunity depends on your immune system, but the state of your immune system depends on many different factors that we are usually unaware of. And here comes the problem. Because how can we prevent or influence something if we do not know about these factors?

So what does the strength of our immune system depend on?

  • the strength of your psyche, that is, of your mind;

  • your will to live;

  • coded health programs, getting used to the program of sickness, aging and dying, taking it for granted, on the basis of messages and observations;

  • your own intentions regarding your own health and well-being;

  • on the way of living, i.e. physical and mental hygiene (diet, sport, pleasure, work, rest, etc.);

  • on the amount and intensity of physical and mental stress;

  • susceptibility to the influences and suggestions of others – conscious, subconscious, hypnotic, telepathic;

  • accumulated karma;

  • memory of karmic experiences;

  • your openness and readiness to life, to health and well-being;

  • your everyday thoughts, words and deeds, i.e. the daily creations of your existence;

  • on what you send, because that is what you attract / get it multiplied;

  • attitude towards oneself, towards others, towards life, towards infinite Source;

  • from accumulated programs such as victim program, self-punishment, guilt, weakness, helplessness, failure to cope, etc.,


Everything that weakens our immune system can be easily reduced to the term stress or tension.

Should we fear contagion of illness, then? I hope that you now have a much better understanding of what causes the greatest number of cases … on the basis of anxiety, fear and discouragement to life. Fear is also a kind of anxiety that generates stress. It is these factors that most severely impair the immune system, which, when it fails to cope with stress, does not have the strength to react to pathogens from the outside. By the way, pathogens have always surrounded us and will surround us. We are not sterile creatures and we have always lived in a non-sterile environment. Our task, however, is not to run away from them, but to strengthen our immune system and teach it to cope with those that stand in our way. It is similar principle in spiritual development. The task of development is not to escape from low vibrational beings, but to amplify and raise your vibrations so that when you encounter a low vibrational being, you will be energetically untouchable. Anyway, high vibrations repel low ones, so the faster we vibrate, i.e. the more light there is in us, the more we move away from the darkness / we push away the darkness. The same energy laws work with disease. Diseases are low vibrations, so the higher vibrations we present ourselves on a daily basis, the harder it is for such diseases to get us.

Yes, there are infectious diseases that are fatal to most of the population, such as Ebola. ‘Celebrity Freakirus’, however, has a very low mortality rate and hits the hardest in people whose immune systems are occupied with something else. Many of us have all sorts of problems and inflammations inside without having any idea about it. For example, such Hashimoto’s, i.e. chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland, does not actually hurt and people can live with it for years without having a clue about it. It is similar with diabetes itself, where many times people find out about their disease through the so-called coincidence, doing some routine research. And burdening the body with any disease puts a heavy strain on the immune system, which may not be able to cope with the additional task of fighting a clever flu-like virus. By the way, the flu itself was and is deadly, but nobody care much about it anymore. Why? Because a healthy person usually went through it quite gently. And the most vulnerable to complications or even death were people with weakened immune systems. The percentage of true deaths from influenza was so small that hardly anyone remembered that it was indeed a dangerous and deadly disease that likes to weaken the heart and lead to deaths from complications following the flu.vBesides influenza itself is already old, well known and therefore kind of boring. No body really wants to listen about it anymore. Co-virus however is a completely new, still very much exciting celebrity.

We should also remember that our immune system reacts directly to the emotional states we experience and long-term states of doubt, helplessness, lack of motivation / will to live, and depression significantly weaken a person’s vitality. Our emotional state also depends on the well-being of our body. If it is tired and drained, our mood drops and deteriorates, as I described in Part Two.

So how to strengthen the immune system. How to take care of yourself to reduce the risk of getting sick?

  • Strengthen your psyche, self-esteem, inner strength, mental clarity, decision-making power and clarity of the direction you are going to,

  • Strengthen your will to live, joy in life, gratitude, love and respect for yourself and others,

  • Get to know all programs coded in the subconscious mind, concerning health and illness, e.g. do not go barefoot because you will catch a cold; if someone sneezes next to you, it will definitely get you infected, etc.

  • Get to know all intentions regarding health and illness, e.g. I want to get sick because then I get a lot of attention and love from my parents / partner,

  • Get to know the needs, possibilities and limits of the possibilities of your physical body; everyone has a different one;

  • Keep as healthy as possible, that is, the lifestyle that best suits the needs and possibilities of your body and psyche.

  • Choose your diet according to your age, gender, activity, and health condition. Remember about hydration, activity, pleasure, work and rest, time for yourself and for the family. Use supplements and herbs if the diet is not enough.

  • Strengthen the body with antioxidants, the best known and forgotten is the popular vitamin C, which has magical properties. Take about 2-3 thousand units a day, in the event of imminent danger of falling ill or in the event of falling ill, increase even to 5-6 thousand units per day. Observe the body’s reaction. If diarrhea occurs – reduce the dose.

  • Lead a calm, non-invasive lifestyle for your body and mind. I know it seems boring to some, but here we always have a choice. We do not have to listen to the needs of our body and psyche, but each of us will pay the price sooner or later.

  • Avoid stress by understanding that taking things personally is useless. Learn to relax, meditate, observe, look at things, life and yourself aside from a distance.

  • Avoid stress by not engaging in unproductive and pointless skirmishes, quarrels, brawls, etc. Not to succumb to the suggestions and promptings of the environment that will try to weaken you, degrade you, ridicule, point out, argue, etc.

  • Discover your karma and transform the karmic programs, patterns of behavior and habits of the subconscious and the soul itself, especially all those related directly or indirectly to the topic of health, disease, disability, well-being, etc.

How to help yourself if you have already suffered from weakness or a cold?
  • take vitamin C regularly, starting with a dose of 1000 units / 3 times a day; Increase the dose until mild diarrhea occurs; as a result, we reduce the dose of vitamin C by one tablet. We watch our body. Do not be afraid of vitamin C. You cannot overdose it, because the excess is removed with diarrhea;

  • consider temporary supplementation of the vitamin B complex / minerals / amino acids / zinc / other antioxidants, e.g. ALA acid / vitamin D3 + K2 / – depending on the needs and already existing deficiencies;

  • people who do not have problems with constipation can support the therapy with charcoal, which collects viruses and bacteria like a magnet. However, keep in mind that charcoal alone can make constipation worse. Therefore, it is important to ensure that pollutants are excreted from the body on a regular basis so that they do not re-enter the bloodstream;

  • support the therapy with herbs that strengthen the immune system, regulate the proper immune response, fight inflammation and autoimmune conditions in the case of such diseases. The most recommended are sage, raspberry, chamomile, and Echinacea – however, they are quite delicate and therefore universal herbs. For those who want to choose something for themselves, I recommend to visit good herb store;

  • reduce the amount of meat and dairy products to a manageable minimum or zero, at least for a week or two; it is to reduce the amount of energy used for digestion, allowing the body to spend it on regeneration. Especially dairy can be very harmful here because it increases the amount of mucus in the body;

  • temporarily, for a week or two, reduce the amount of food consumed in favor of quality;

  • temporarily give up sweets, alcohol, cigarettes and gluten. All these puts a strain on the body and generates new layers of mucus;

  • temporarily give up carbonated drinks and cold / hot drinks and dishes, Eat and drink food and liquids warm, at room temperature;

  • cold, raw foods are not necessarily the best solution for everyone, so keep that in mind. We always choose the diet style according to our own well-being, health condition, digestive abilities, daily activities and age;

  • empower yourself by consuming warming foods, especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan. For warming up, we recommend: dried ginger, cloves, cinnamon, almonds, cardamom, onion, pepper, beans, leek, oats / porridge, for carnivores: beef, chicken, turkey, but without antibiotics and other chemicals and preferably less than more;

  • if you do not like the above-mentioned herbs in your food, you can always make yourself tea with them;

  • make sure to chew food thoroughly;

  • allow yourself to rest and sleep as much as your body needs it;

  • take care to ventilate the rooms regularly, if you feel up to it, be sure to take walks or light relaxation exercises;

  • if you can afford it, treat yourself to an ozonator with ionizer function. This wonderful device cleans bacteria, viruses and fungi not only from the air, but also from water and food;

  • work on those patterns that directly affect your weakness or illness;

  • give yourself time to relax, meditate, think about what’s bothering you;

  • show yourself a lot of understanding, love and respect.


Of course, these are the tips that should be incorporated into your new and changed lifestyle for a long period of time or permanently, but remember… nothing by force. Such a big change, even for a week or two, will greatly relieve your immune system and help it deal with weakness or illness faster and more easily.

What we need the most is a return to peace, nature, to life without chemical food, without poisoned air and contaminated water, to natural, good, beneficial relationships with other people, to respect and love shown every day to everyone, starting with love and respect to oneself.