Do you really think the Creator of all doesn’t love you?

Do you really think the Creator of all doesn’t love you?

If you think that the Creator does not love you and does not care for you … it is because you keep exactly these feelings for yourself. We always measure according to our own measure, especially if we do not have an extensive intuition nor a relationship with the Creator. Remember that you cannot perceive something that is not established within you. In order to be able to perceive and therefore experience love, you must first create it in your heart, and then keep coming back to feeling it in yourself as much and as often as possible. The world is a mirror, what you have inside you is reflected by your experience. So, what will you reflect when you feel love in your heart?

Try … experience …

If you have a hard time even imagining that you could love yourself, then focus on something or someone else you love. The most important thing for you at this moment is to let your heart feel a little of this love so that it can develop further towards the true selfless love for yourself and for all of Creation.

In this feeling exercise, however, it is essential to focus on the feeling of love itself, rather than the object that causes you to feel it. Focusing on the object is distracting and disrupting the exercise of feeling love. Therefore, we focus on the very love. Where we feel it, and how we feel it. What it is like to feel love and feel loved. How we feel about it. What it causes in us. How it helps us, etc.

At the same time, ask yourself the basic question: – why / for what reason / and what is holding you back from being able to feel the same love to yourself? What types of beliefs about yourself stand in your way and why you allowed yourself to believe them? Who told you these kinds of things that are holding you back right now?

And, would the Creator, who is pure love, be so petty as not to love you because of these things? Regardless of what they are, I am sure there is only one answer. NO. If we accept the Creator as being perfect and as a source of love, it would be quite contradictory to believe that he does not love and care for you or anyone else.

Then, why do you not feel his presence and his love? IT’S EASY. Because you do not believe in his love. Because maybe you think you are not good enough, pure enough, innocent enough, and you do not deserve… but you do not have to deserve it. Because pure love simply loves. It is difficult for you to imagine it, because you cannot feel this kind of love by yourself, but just because you cannot, does not mean that it does not exist.

If you open yourself up to even a small possibility that it is different than what you assumed so far, you will already open the gates of selfless love and give yourself a chance for even a gentle feeling, even for a fraction of a second, a feeling of love in your own space.

Realize that your departure from unconditional Love is the only true reason behind not feeling it in your life and in your relationship with the Creator. He always loves everyone unconditionally. But do you allow yourself this kind of self-love?

Remember. You can only experience what you know, what you have within you. It is therefore in your utmost  interest to find out as soon as possible what it is like to feel self love and self respect.

Love yourself <3