FIGHT FOR SOULS. The process during which we live on Earth RIGHT NOW.

FIGHT FOR SOULS. The process during which we live on Earth RIGHT NOW.

Some time, somewhere, you may have heard something about the fight for souls … and however scary it sounds, I can assure you that the purpose of this message is not to scare you, but to make you aware of how important you are, your soul is and the choices you make. However, if you have weak nerves and a tendency to panic attacks, consider whether you really want to hear this message.


The fight for souls is a significant element of the processes that are taking place today, and about which I would like to tell you a little bit right now.

Quite recently, when I was meditating, this information came to me, and though the message was very short, it was very important and meaningful in itself. The content of it is worth its weight in gold, and perhaps the soul …

First of all, the Creator showed me the information that in this reality we are at the stage of a very intense battle for the souls and that it is a very important, even a key stage in the entire fight. I had a strong feeling that this was the final stage and that each soul, NOW has the opportunity to choose one side as they wish.

At this stage, however, there aren’t many options for procrastination, postponement, being a little here, a little there… this is the time for everyone to make the final decision within themselves. As scary as it sounds, please be aware that this decision-making time may extend in our linear reality, and as a result, each of us will be able to make our own decision when completely ready for it.

You will probably ask what this decision is all about? It is about deciding whether you want to belong to the Light or the dark. With your existence, do you want to  contribute to the enhancement of light or darkness? Whether you consciously and clearly choose to be an essence of light or darkness. And this choice, faced by every single being is very extremely important, especially to the soul that makes the decision. This choice that each of us has to make one day, is made in our hearts, within our own being. Nowhere else. It is a very important part of your path and where you will go further as a soul, as an existence. I keep repeating these words “very”, “extremely” and “important” because that’s what it was like when it hit me.

However, each of us should remember that while making the choice is important, as it determines the direction of the further path, it is only the beginning.., because making a decision to follow a chosen path should be followed by a specific attitude, choices, achievements, behavior, words, thoughts etc … of course the Source gave everyone free will and everyone can choose according to their needs … light or dark.

I would like to emphasize, however, what the essence of this message is. It is that every, absolutely every single soul counts, and is of great importance, and is worth its weight in gold. We often think to ourselves, ‘what can I do by myself?’, or ‘I mean so little or nothing’ etc. The Creator clearly showed me –  so that there would be no doubt here – that the weight of importance of each soul is enormous, the importance of the choice of each soul is enormous. Every soul counts just as much. Both the Source and the lord of darkness know this very well and fully understand the seriousness of the situation. That is why the lord of darkness fights so fiercely for every single soul, without exception.

You may even think that you are such a poor dust that even the darkness would not be interested in you, thinking “what for anyways?” … and this is a false perception of your soul’s and human worth that the darkness is trying to push into you as the only truth. You are a being, a soul that always has the potential to choose light and live / exist in the light, thus having a huge impact on the fate of the matrix, and so the entire universe. And that is what the darkness is very much afraid of. You are a threat to it by the very fact of existence and the possibility of choosing the path of light at any time.

Please remember that each of us comes from the Source, the Creator of Life, Love, Truth, Consciousness, Wisdom… and if so, neither of us is and will ever be without significance. By our own existence we carry a great value and this is what the Creator wants us to become fully aware of… how important we all are and how much the choices we make matter. Like every, even the most trivial choice is important, because each of them supports one and only one of the parties, light or darkness.

Remember, you come from the Creator, so you are a part of it and YOU ARE the CREATOR. So, create consciously and in harmony with the inner light. Remember your Source’s strenght, power and the light you carry within.