Positive Heart Provocateur

Positive Heart Provocateur

When I say to others to work on their own hearts, many people ask me in return: how should I do it so I could experience actual positive effects?

First and foremost.

Think about what provokes your heart to open up and feel positively touched and maybe even shedding a tear once in a while …

Once you’ve figured it out, make contact with it at least once a day… it could be dogs, cats, music, painting, good food, travel, hugs, closeness or anything else.

Note that I said ‘positively touched’, which means that it’s supposed to be based on a positive experience of something / someone.

If you do not have or are not experiencing such special something (positive heart provocateur) in your daily life, then rearrange things to make it  happen.

Thanks to it, you will be actively working on setting your heart free and filling it up with love, gratitude and thanksgiving, which always go along with feeling of being touched. And that’s why this state is so desirable.

Be thankful for this special touching thing, preferably every single day or at least once in a while. Consciously increase the state of feeling touched, open the heart and feel gratitude throughout your entire being, not only at the space of your heart.

Feel your heart and allow yourself to grow in this special feeling of being touched, thanksgiving, and ultimately unconditional love.

For me, my PHP (positive heart provocateur) are pets, especially cats… that’s why I got myself a kitty, which I chose entirely on the basis of the feelings flowing streight from my heart. When I saw her for the first time, I immediately felt a wave of warmth and love in my heart. Our kitty turned out to be a very tender, sensitive, delicate creature who, due to a difficult past, sometimes needs her human as she would need her own mother. And of course, when she requires it, I give her my support, by providing closeness and assurance that I am here for her and that she is safe. With unconditional love I share with her always 🙂

So, in the first place, take care of your PHP, witch is positive heart provocateur, because the modern world does everything to impoverish and flatten our hearts into space without empathy, without love and without feelings.