Decree – Safety, innocence and ease in front of new life situations

For me ……………. experience of completely new situations is quite innocent and right. I can feel myself absolutely safe. I let myself to feel safe and innocent even then when I do experience quite new and surprised situations. I let myself to feel easy, safe and innocent when I meet quite new people in very new, unknown and strange situations for me. Since now on, absolutely every situation I can experience is always safe, innocent and right for me, because I know I am absolutely safe, innocent and right.

Me ……………. am safe, innocent and right when I do experience new situations and I don’t know what to do. For me ……………. it is quite natural and ok when I approach a quite new and strange life matters with a smile and peace in my heart. I know I am always supported and leaded by God. I know that it isn’t matter what is happening but I am always safe in that. God always protects me and guides me.

Every little and stressed matter always turns over only for my Highest Goodness. I do experience always only the Highest Goodness. So I can always feel myself at ease, safe, innocent and right, because I do always experience only my Highest Goodness. I am ready for experience of the Highest Goodness in my life. I am ready for experience only this what is the best for me.

Me ……………. have trusted God absolutely. I have trusted His guiding in my life as well. From day to day I open up myself more and more for a God’s leading in my life. I open up myself for a God’s solves in my life. I open up myself absolutely for a God’s guiding in my life, because I know that God has only this what is completely good, safe and innocent for me. I know I can trust God’s guiding in my life, because God has this what is the most beneficial, the best and the safest for me.