Confession Of Your God’s Capabilities

Here and now I do completely open up to all of mine inner powers and abilities. I allow myself for the full manifestation of all of my talents and powers. I allow myself to take full advantage of my talents and my powers in order to gain the full self-knowledge, self-realization, and self-love.

Here and now I do allow myself freely reach out to the inner knowledge and wisdom that is gathered in me and my Akashic record. I am omnipotent and omniscient. Divine knowledge, wisdom, power and love flows through me like a constant stream of light, purifying, renewing and nourishing me, my body and my spirit. I am absolutely unlimited divine spirit who by the power of own will, thought, awareness, and love, creates every single detail in my own galaxy.

In my own divine love, wisdom and power, in full awareness of myself and other beings, I choose eternal life and happiness. I choose bliss and joy. I choose wealth and prosperity… for myself and for every creature which wishes so.

From now on, it’s all part of my permanent reality… Continuous awareness and a sense of my divine power and greatness, continuous awareness and a sense of divine power and greatness of every being in the universe…

…continuous awareness of the ideal divine equality between each being co-creating the picture of the universe… Awareness of the enormity of my own existence, my own galaxy…  Awareness of the enormity and magnitude of the galaxy of every divine existence… Awareness of the greatness of myself and every other divine being.

Born by the same breath. We are all equal, omnipotent and omniscient.

May pure love, joy and harmony fills all of us and each of us individually.

Be blessed all cosmic wanderers, traveling through this one and all other universes.